Historical Background

About the school

Burhani Nursery School was known in Tanga previously as Hamidyah Nursery school. Since its inception in 2009, Burhani Nursery School focuses on the individual needs of each student with faculty and management working closely together to minimize each child’s potential. We consistently innovate to deliver an exceptional holistic program maximizing the intellectual personal and social development of our students with our attractive multipurpose built campuses equipped enabling learning environment.

In 2009 with the collaboration of Tanga Bohra Education Society and some private stake holders entered into a financing arrangement aimed at the construction of a new campus.

Our unique educational program is based on the UK & Tanzanian National curriculum, which offers students a natural progression from pre–school to junior years. The strong academic curriculum is complemented by our extensive co-curricular experiences, sports, & community service programs which encourage confidence team building, empathy and compassion in our students.

At Burhani Nursery school we encourage our children to experience the joy of learning at an early age. Our pre–school is designed to stimulate children’s thinking, communicating, investigating, exploring and problem solving skills. Our teachers create a dynamic interactive learning environment through our program which includes a rich and varied range of play–based activities that help the children to develop their early literacy and numeracy skills. Each child is introduced to a vast knowledge about the world around us through the inquiry-based method and through play.

In this way we encourage our young learners to analyze, evaluate, interpret and synthesize information. Physical education is given a high priority and is integrated into the curriculum. Each child works and learns at his/her own pace and according to their capacity in a non-competitive atmosphere. Parental involvement is a critical component of early childhood education. A child will achieve the most form his/her educational experience when teachers and parents work together as a team to support the child. At Burhani Nursery we run a very successful, Parents as partners program to encourage them to be active partners in their education experience.