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Burhani School Tanga Science Exhibition: A Showcase of Innovation and Creativity

We are delighted to share the success ofthe Third Science Exhibition held at Burhani School Tanga on July 10th and11th. The event was graced by the esteemed presence of the District EducationOfficer of Secondary Schools, Tanga, who served as our chief guest. We werealso honoured to have the School Board Members, Mr. Mustafa Zavery and Mr.Murtaza Akbarally, in attendance.The Science Exhibition witnessedenthusiastic participation from our students. They presented a wide array ofprojects that showcased scientific innovation and creativity. It was ...


Interschool - sports competition between our school and mkwakwani secondary school wasconducted on 30th may 2023 in our school.The programmebegan at 8:45 by welcoming Mkwakwani teachers and students to our school thenfollowed by national anthem.Many gameswere played, Tug of war, sprinting, Bicycle race, relay race, skipping race,standing long jump netball and football. We also conducted debate and spellingbee competition. After finishing the games results were announced with theprize distribution.Allstudents, teachers and other staff from both schools enjoyed and had anunforgettable ...


The graduation ceremony for the First Batch of Form six 2023 was held on 18th March 2023 at our Primary School Hall. The guest of Honor was the Tanga City Council Mayor, ABDULRAHMAN OMAR SHILOOW. The occasion was attended by various Dignitaries, Parents and Students. It ended happily , When various interesting programs performed.


Oneday Career guidance and counseling session was organized by the school on 15thNovember 2022 for Form V students to make them aware of various opportunitiesand trends in the field of science and Business after graduation. The Resourcepersons for the session were Md. AminaBilaly and Md Jamila who gave a brief introduction about the variousopportunities and scope in the field of Physics and materials science. Hesuggested varied ways that how to opt for a career in one’s life depending onthe capabilities ...


The elocution & Extempore competition was conducted on18th November 2022 by Form V students. Students were asked to pick a topic. Thetopics in the competition vary. Every participant was given precisely 1 minuteto prepare the speech on a selected topic. It was indeed astounding to see howbeautifully students had put their thoughts, insights, and humor and deliveredthe speech of consciousness which was fluent, erudite, and articulate whilebeing unscripted. 11 students from Form V participated.


On 18th November 2022, a debate competition between Form I and Form III students washeld in our school on "PAPER BOOKS ARE BETTER THAN E-BOOKS." Theextra-curricular activities department presided over the function.


Students from all the classes participated in theInter-School competition. The program started at around 10:40 am and finishedby 12:30. The final result was declared in the next assembly and three winnerswere selected from each group.


BurhaniSchool celebrated its Graduation Day with unprecedented fanfare on 16thOctober 2022 at Regal Naivera Hall as the venue of this year’s event.The Graduationceremony was carried out magnificently for KG3, STD VII & FORM IV Students.All three campuses came together to set the stage for unveiling the journey andwhat we aspire to achieve in the years to come.The chiefguest was the district commissioner of Tanga. Mr. Hashim Shaibu Mgandilwa. The presence of Honorable boardmembers, Trustees of Anjumane Burhani and Tanga Bohra ...