Historical Background

In 2009 we started in Nursery with 10 students (previously it was operating under the banner of Hamidyah Nursery School) and in primary with only 4 pupils in the same Nursery building. The very next year, the Nursery school had 80 pupils and 25 primary standard 1 and 2 pupils. The need to increase infrastructure to accommodate number of pupils was also necessitated and justified in the formerly Burhani Charitable Hospital. Eleven years later we can proudly say, Burhani Nursery and Primary have reached their maximum capacity and excelling academically.

Due to the academic success and public demand by parents and students like wise, we were obligated to give the transition from Primary section to Secondary in 2017 after acquiring the mandatory prerequisites (including permission of new infrastructure) from the government.

About the school

Burhani school is brought to fruition in the Education sector under the guidance and leadership of the 53rd al Dai al-Mutlaq Dr Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS, who is the sole benefector of the institute.

The Registered Trustees of the Tanga Bohra Education Society have already established Burhani Nursery, Primary and Secondary School which are all English medium schools in Tanga city. Burhani School(s) are situated in Tanga Municipality in Bombo Area near the Annadil Burhani Gymkhana Sports Club.

"Burhani students will become engaged learners and good stewards of their community. They will be socially and academically responsible for their own success, supported by their families and school".

Mission of Burhani School is dedicated to preparing its students to thrive in a rapidly changing world. We inspire, equip student minds to serve their nation, We strive to provide excellent education grounded in a traditional discipline of arts and science promoting critical thinking and reasoning. We offer programs that foster competency, discipline, communication skills, critical thinking, resilience, self-reliance and collaboration needed to compete in our global economy.

Level of development
The physical facilities of land, buildings, furniture and other assets are being built on self-help basis. The classrooms are spacious and well ventilated with fire detectors in every room.
Modern science laboratories have been constructed for physics, chemistry and biology. The laboratories are equipped with up to date equipments and apparatus to equip the students with the necessary knowledge with less fatigue.

The school has a standby generator that is adequate to supply power to the entire school hence power cut does not affect the life of students at Burhani School.
Security is our great emphasis. The school is under 24 hours surveillance by CCTV cameras.

Information Technology
The school is among few schools in the country which champion provision of quality education to learners hence ensures the teaching of Computer studies is taken on board. Students now have access to Internet services for broader learning. They are able to consult encyclopedia on line through the Encarta programme.
The Management is working around the clock to make-work easier for teachers by enabling them to use overhead projects and transparencies in the teaching / learning process. This will also be a contribution towards the health care of both teachers and learners because they will no longer be subjected to inhaling the dust from chalk.
The school has been specially designed by top architects and built to the highest construction standards.

Health services
The school attends to students' health with keen.First Aid Kits are properly equiped and available in all schools at all times. Incase of serious health problems students are taken and treated in a classic hospital where services are of a satisfactory standard. As a measure to prevent contracting diseases spread by harmful insects such as mosquitoes, fumigation of the school buildings and the environment in general is administered during long vacations.

Physical Exercises
The school acknowledges the truth in the sayings:
"Tom without play makes him a dull boy".
"A healthy mind stays in a healthy body".
Students of this school play Football,Cricket,Netball, Volleyball, Badminton and table tennis. They are also encouraged to participate in jogging exercises for the purpose of promoting good health.

The school has embarked on an aggressive and ambitious modern landscape development surrounding the school by planting fast growing trees, flowers, good grass and safe drainage network. The school has established an orchard as a multipurpose action. One is to conserve the bare land and the other is to enrich the supply of fruits for good health. This will teach the students on land conservation and environmental care as contribution towards one of the prevailing cross cutting issues not only in the nation but also globally.