Historical Background

Following the passage of Hamidyah Nursery School, a group of trustees of Tanga Bohra Education Society decided to open a public school by the name of Burhani Primary School in the January 2009. After formulating their vision of public school with high academic standards the board actively sought out other parents and community members with similar goals. Lengthy discussion and hard work lead to the creation of Burhani Primary school detailing the educational philosophy, curriculum and budget for school. In January 2009 it became a healthy reality when the school started off with only 25 students in standard one and two, slowly and steadily we progressed. The school has thrived and grown from that first group of students to approximately 600 students inclusive of all 3 campus (Nursery, Primary and Secondary)

About the school

The school facilities have expanded to 2 separate streams for each grade from standard 1 to standard 7. The campus provides all facilities for all students with stocked library on diverse subjects with numerous book and ICT room with myriad computers. A Multipurpose Hall, with projector facilities, play area and an in-campus netball pitch. CCTV cameras in the entire campus for monitoring the children, a canteen which provides food at reasonable prices. Along with that we have swimming classes, the swimming pool is located right opposite the school building and facilities are accessible for each child, where they are taught different swimming skills with finesse and coordinating body movements in the water.

"Burhani students will become engaged learners and good stewards of their community. They will be socially and academically responsible for their own success, supported by their families and school".

The mission of Burhani primary school is to provide its diverse student body the best possible education by focusing on the fundamental academic disciplines in an atmosphere that affirms academic achievement and in so doing to offer the community true choice in public education.

Burhani School believes thorough and efficient education is best accomplished through a vigorous curriculum that requires mastery of core knowledge and skills.

Goals and objectives of Burhani School

The main goals of Burhani Primary School are:-

  • Educate students for future success.
  • Promote academic excellence and equity for a diverse population of students within the public education system.
  • Provide a choice of educational opportunities with a public school system for parents, students and educators.
Education for future success
The immediate goal of Burhani Primary School is to prepare students for academic success in their further education endeavors, and to prepare them to be responsible and productive citizens. Burhani school gives students an early and thorough grounding in reading, writing, literacy, numeracy, history, science, a modern world language and arts.(drawing and creating other things). The school focuses on core knowledge and essential skills so that children may achieve the mastery on which further learning will build. The Burhani School System education program also includes comprehensive health and physical education.
The core Burhani School grade- level outcomes meet Tanzanian core curriculum along with that of Cambridge curriculum content.

In order to prepare students for the future and meet the NECTA curriculum standard of work place and readiness to face all assessments, BPS fosters a range of attitudes and behavior such as hard work, personal, responsibility, constructive engagement in activities, self discipline to tackle various assignments, with a sense of fairness and respect for others.
Burhani School strives to lead every student to these accomplishments, which are essential to future success in school and to work to the responsibilities of citizenship and to the satisfaction of cultivated mind.

Excellence and equity in education
Interest in vigorous early education crosses all demographic boundaries at Burhani primary school. The school’s strong academic program will reduce achievement gaps by eliminating an important cause in the insufficient mastery of basic knowledge and skills required for further academic achievement.

Burhani primary school uses a variety of teaching methods to ensure mastery of appropriate skills, ideas and knowledge for all the student regardless of race, gender or socio-economic and educational background.

Since knowledge and skills are acquired cumulatively and systematically, it is essential to detect any learning difficulties early and to intervene before proceeding to the next level. Regular assessments integrated with the curriculum help to determine how students are learning and how to identify those areas that need more support or greater challenge. Burhani School will be responsible for meeting educational needs of its students without parents resorting to outside, tutoring provided parents or guardians support the school’s mission by ensuring home study and remedial session and homework completion.

A modified program is provided for those student who require adjusted teaching strategies of definitions of success (for SFNA and NECTA), all within the frame work of education goals.

Choice in education
Burhani school third main goal is to provide a real choice among education opportunities for teachers, students and parents. The availability of choices within public education not just for those who can afford private schools, ensures as real option for all the residents of Tanga regardless of financial status of their families.

The availability of choice is an important element in educational accountability and promotes higher standard throughout the system.

The objectives are:-

  • Students develop clear and effective written and oral communication skills using standard English & Kiswahili.
  • Students learn about the current political economic, cultural, geographical and technological features that have shaped the history of Tanzania and the world.
  • Students acquire knowledge and skills in different branches of science and are able to conduct different scientific experiments.
  • Recognize the importance of hard work personal responsibility and respect for others.
  • Acquire a strong foundation in mathematical reasoning skills.
  • Learn the essentials necessary for a healthy, safe and fit life.
School infrastructure
School infrastructure is a key base for learning in schools. A child spends maximum time in school as a student, the school infrastructure then becomes a major factor behind how a child sees the world as he or she grows up. Burhani Primary school has a magnificent infrastructure which is known city wide for its pleasant surrounding which are essential for healthy young individuals.The School has spacious refurbished well-ventilated classroom. Facilities like properly sanitized assembly area are essentials of our infrastructure.