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The school has embarked on an aggressive and ambitious modern landscape development surrounding the school by planting fast growing trees, flowers, good grass and safe drainage network. The school has established an orchard as a multipurpose action. One is to conserve the bare land and the other is to enrich the supply of fruits for good health. This will teach the students on land conservation and environmental care as contribution towards one of the prevailing cross cutting issues not only in the nation but also globally.


Burhani Nursery, Primary and Secondary School have well equipped classrooms. Every class have their own classroom where they are based during all of their lessons apart from computing and practical science lessons. The classes are equipped with a personal desk for each pupil and a large blackboard, teachers also often use the projectors.

Computer Room

At Burhani School we have a well equipped computer room. We see the use of technology as a vital part of teaching. The school is now working a system that allows pupils to access all teachers notes on any of the computers. Students learn about basic computer hardware and software. They use a variety of different programs including Microsoft Office.


We also provide canteen services for students where the safety and freshness food is the first priority.


At Burhani Secondary School we have two well equipped laboratories. Our laboratories have good facilities including: gas for the use of Bunsen burners, a set of basins, preperation rooms, fume cupboards and a large range of experimental equipment. Primary school pupils uses the same for demonstration of basic scientific topics.


Burhani Nursery , Primary and Secondary School have a very well equipped library with a vast range of books and information. The library is a quiet place where pupils can go to study, borrow books and find information to help with their work. Our library has a leasing system which means that pupils can borrow books and use them outside of the library.



The School has private transport services. The children are picked from home neighborhood to school, private buses bring timely service at affordable cost near to pupil’s home place.

Co-curricular activities

We have an extensive co-curricular activity program. Broadly speaking, our Co-curricular program can be divided under three categories – Sports, Creativity & Service and Outdoor Pursuits.


At Burhani Nursery, Primary and Secondary School we understand the importance of sports and games. We have sports and games sessions per a week. The students play basketball, netball, volleyball, handball, badminton, football and tennis, and the students are free to use these facilities.

We believe that sports and games in school encompasses more than just the benefit of physical activity, it increases self-esteem and mental alertness to students.


Swimming is undoubtedly the best form of exercise for all age groups that keeps children emotionally and physically healthy. Student life is the best phase of a person’s life cycle when they mould up their character and other routine, children learn skills easily without much effort. Making swimming as a part of the school curriculum has deciphered lot of benefits for our young swimmers. At the end of a trimester our children participate in a competition. The winners are applauded and awarded.

Creativity and Service

Our Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) program involves a wide variety of different activities including community service. Music, Art and Drama play a major role within the CAS program.

Outdoor Pursuits (OP)

We are proud of our Outdoor Pursuits (OP) program which takes many students to the wonderful outdoor spaces in Tanzania, including Ngorongoro, Mikumi and Zanzibar .



The school is guarded by security guards 24/7.Also, the school is under 24 hours surveillance by CCTV cameras.

Information Technology

The school is among few schools in the country which champion provision of quality education to learners hence ensures the teaching of Computer studies is taken on board. Students now have access to Internet services for broader learning. They are able to consult encyclopedia on line through the Encarta programme.

The Management is working around the clock to make-work easier for teachers by enabling them to use overhead projects and transparencies in the teaching / learning process. This will also be a contribution towards the health care of both teachers and learners because they will no longer be subjected to inhaling the dust from chalk.

The school has been specially designed by top architects and built to the highest construction standards.

Health Services

The school attends to students' health with keen.First Aid Kits are properly equipped and available in all schools at all times. Incase of serious health problems students are taken and treated in a classic hospital where services are of a satisfactory standard. As a measure to prevent contracting diseases spread by harmful insects such as mosquitoes, fumigation of the school buildings and the environment in general is administered during long vacations.